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The Lyrics of Life in LA

Cleaning House

Cleaning House

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Thursday night, I went with Mr. Boro to a party.
It was awkward because of the circumstances surrounding him (he is a recent widower).
So half the people there looked at me like, "Who are you?" and the other half thought that we were married.

As a group of his old friends swept him into their midst, I struck up conversations with several cool people.

I realized in meeting these really cool people that I was still not done cleaning house with my relationships.

So this weekend, I ended things with Mr. Boro.

He is looking for a surrogate, and I suppose I was looking for a distraction with him so as not to fall for Mr. Blondie.
But since Mr. Blondie and I were through, it didn't make much sense to be a surrogate for anyone when I could clean house, rethink things and start over with people whose beginnings didn't have so many limits attached.

So, there I was.

Independent again.

Saturday, I went shopping with Leigh and we had a wonderful time. It was just what the doctor ordered.

We hung out, chatted, shopped, ate good but bad-for-you food and laughed a lot.

Sunday provided me with the same kind of joie-de-vivre as Saturday.

I went to Travel Town in Griffith Park to attend KABoss's son's birthday party in a train.
It was a nice afternoon, filled with the kind of crispness that coincided with the Christmas decorations to make you get excited for the holidays.

After an hour, it was time for me to leave.

I headed to Eagle Rock to the Eagle Rock Plaza. Big mistake.

I know Eagle Rock is a hipster, home-owning paradise but I gotta say, there is something about Colorado Blvd that brings a bad shiver in my skin. There is a loneliness about that town that other, similar towns don't provide. I have no idea what it is.
And the mall was even worse.
I began to feel lonely in that sad, crowded mall while holiday music piped in to let you know they were trying to pretend they weren't so little. That you too could do your holiday shopping here and love it. Except that you wouldn't love it. Especially if you're me.
Maybe only if you're me.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

My mood lightened as I headed back on the 2 freeway towards Los Feliz.
Yes, it was definitely Eagle Rock that had soured my mood.

Once home, I got ready to go to Spaceland with My Neighbor Lisa.
Friendly Fires was headlining.
I jumped on Lisa's party train and tagged along.

The show was great.
The second band, Funeral Party, revved up the energy in the room.
When Friendly Fires came on, the audience was all but ready.
The energetic crowd and the awesome energy of the band swirled together into a mix of great beats, great vocals and lots of swaying and jumping from everyone involved.

I loved people watching. I loved silently making up stories about the couples and the singles.

Looking at lovey-dovey pairs, would have made me a little blue considering my week, but I actually smiled at the thought of love working out for some; eventually for moi.

The band ended after about an hour and left us on a very powerful song.

As Lisa and I headed back to the car, we couldn't stop jabbering about how this is one of those concerts where you will be able to later say, I saw this band before they were huge the way people talk about seeing Beck perform at local haunts.

And then we laughingly headed into 7-11 to find some chips.

On the way back towards our hood, Lisa demonstrated one of her talents, which is to scream at the top of her lungs and hold it forEVER! Very impressive as she rolled down the passenger side window and screamed her way down Sunset.

When she was done, it was my turn to show off my mad yodeling skillz. Oh yeah, we were a pair of show-offs of weird talents.

And as I plopped my butt down on the couch upon my return home, I realized that it is hard to make decisions that are good in the long term but not the short term.

And every day you move away from the pain, you actually get exponentially stronger.

And when you are stronger, it is easier to maintain the work you did during the "cleaning house" phase.

It's all baby steps.
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